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  HSC CHEMISTRY version 9.0

HSC 9 is based on the same Microsoft .NET environment as HSC 8. However, HSC 9 contains many new features, new modules, and several improvements to the old modules. These new features will be released gradually within the HSC 9 maintenance releases that become available with an HSC 9 subscription.

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New HSC License Types

HSC 8 licenses were made for local device installations like laptops and workstations. The new HSC 9 will have more licensing options:

HSC 9 – Basic License is good for personal laptops and workstations and other local Machines.

HSC 9 - Floating License is good for personal laptops and workstations and other local machines, if only very few out of many users are using HSC simultaneously. Installation is made on the local devices.

HSC 9 - Server License gives the flexibility of using HSC via remote connection by several end users. HSC updates are also easy to carry out, because installations are carried out on one server. However, a lot of calculation capacity and fast network access are needed if several end users are using HSC on the same server. The Server License will be released in Q1/2016.

HSC 9 - Virtual Device License gives the flexibility of running HSC on a virtual device. This, for example, makes it possible to run HSC on an Apple machine if Boot Camp multi boot utility is not available. The Virtual Device License will be released in Q1/2016.

HSC version 9.0 contains 24 calculation modules:

1. Sim – Process simulation
2. LCA Evaluation
3. Mass Balance
4. Reaction Equations
5. Heat and Material Balances
6. Heat Loss Calculator
7. Equilibrium Calculations
8. Exergy Balance
9. Eh-pH Diagrams – Pourbaix
10. H, S, Cp and Ellingham Diagrams
11. Tpp Diagrams – Stability diagrams
12. Lpp Diagrams – Stability diagrams
13. Water – Steam tables, etc.
14. H, S, Cp Estimates
15. Benson Estimation
16. Species Converter
17. Periodic Chart – Elements
18. Measure Units
19. HSC AddIn Functions
20. Aqua
21. Geo – Mineralogical calculations
22. Map – GPS material stock (HSC7)
23. Fit – Numerical Data fit (HSC7)
24. Data – Statistical analysis (HSC7)

HSC also contains:
1. H, S and Cp Thermochemical Database with more than 28 000 species
2. Water Steam/Fluid Database
3. Heat Conduction Database
4. Heat Convection Database
5. Surface Radiation Database
6. Gas Radiation Calculator
7. Particle Radiation Calculator
8. Elements Database
9. Measure Units Database
10. Minerals Database with 13 329 minerals
11. Aqueous Solution Density Database
12. The Pitzer parameter database

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